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behind the name - with Jessica Šipoš

Bowen Island, Canada

my children's forever names -

Woods Theoren Šipoš Lendvoy 3.5y

Dru Evren Šipoš Lendvoy 1.5y

A little bit about me -

Hello! My name is Jessica Šipoš. Some people may know me as an actor, among many other things I am beyond grateful to be a mother to two special souls. Entering into motherhood was wildly profound for me and the most magical refining aspect of my life I’ve found.

My kids are currently 3.5 and 1.5 yrs old.

my name journey stories -

Woods Theoren.

The forest is really where I feel most called, most in tune with myself and connected to the earth. Forest was becoming such a popular name, as was Bodhi and yet we really wanted his name to feel aligned in that feeling we both have and ultimately what we felt his spirit was. I was driving through the mountains and the name Woods came to me. It felt a little too bold at first but the more we sat with it the more it felt right. And here we are, spending every day in the woods together exploring nature and his name couldn’t be more perfect. Theoren came from the namesake Hunter, steeped in courage and self confidence. I also loved the name for a first name as well for him.

Dru Evren.

Dru came from a shortened Druid. My husband and I were working on a script with a female Druid whose character name we shortened to Dru. My mothers heritage came from Celtic background and my daughter is very connected with the earth. She babbles with trees and overall is imbued with the spirit of nature. Evren means universe or cosmos or some say from the universe.

names I loved and did not use -

There were a lot of names on our list I still absolutely love! Woods was very close to being named Bear and I was pregnant with twins, Dru was twin B and twin A was named Rowan. Dru was very close to being named Indi. Some other names on our list were:





Rowan(tree of life)

Rohan(keeper of wolves/to ascend)


Orion (ri for short)











Aurora (Rory for short)

how I found the name nest -

I came across your page while I was pregnant and although I didn’t find my names through your page it was always inspirational and comforting to see similar name choices and combos. I really wanted unlikely and uncommon names for both of my children after I grew up with 7 other Jessica’s in my class. I was constantly on the lookout to see if the two names I chose would pop up anywhere.

my advice for mothers who are on their own naming journey

I was very self conscious at first sitting with the name I chose for my son. I think that ultimately came from caring about what other people would think which is no way to live and as I’ve grown I’ve been able to let go of that. I got made fun of for my name, Jessica, which is a very common name anyways let alone a unique name. My only advice would be to do what feels right for you and your family. Ultimately you know your little one’s spirit best and what feels aligned!


to follow Jessica's story and to find out more about her, you can find her on Instagram @jessicarsipos

I hope you enjoyed reading Jessica's name journey's and I can not wait to bring you more stories, from women around the world in this new journal series 'behind the name'.

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