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about the name nest

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the name nest - a collection of names unlike anywhere else, created with so much love and light by Tara Sea.

Under the warmth of the sunshine in her little home studio on the Gold Coast, Australia, Tara Sea lives out her dream of being the artist she was born to be.

She shares with you her love of names with her intuitive name meanings, artworks and helping to inspire those who love to share her journey.

Through her own awakening while on her motherhood journey, the name nest was born.

Come along and see the magic that is,
the name nest
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My name is Tara and I am the face behind the name nest. I created this collection of names after searching for forever names for my two daughters. I struggled with finding names for them after endless internet searches, hiring books from the library and scrolling through pages of names that were grouped in alphabetical order under each gender, that seemed so lifeless and getting heartaches with the monotony on them all.


I felt there needed to be a book of names that did not yet exist, where I could fall in love with every name it contained, feel magic in their meanings. A book where the names are not in a specific order,  nor defined by a gender.

I decided to channel my creativity into this, the name nest, as a place where you can come and look, read and be inspired. To see the names you can not find all in one collection. To tell their stories in unique and beautiful ways, giving traditional meanings but to also write in my own words, the magical thoughts i feel to bring them to life. Help  you to fall in love with a name, a forever name, that you can cherish for a lifetime. 

With love, Tara Sea x

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blue flower.tif
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