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behind the name - with Emma Henderson

Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia

my children's forever names -

Lucia (lulu) Belle 12y

Daisy Darling 10y

Fern Honey 6y

Rumi Sunday 3y

A little bit about me -

Wife to Josh, mother to 4 daughters, one fur baby Rocky dog, co-founder and creative director at The Beach People and massive sea lover. Simple things make me really happy. Surfing/Sup’ing or swimming in the sea, snorkelling with my daughters, dinner with my girlfriends, holding my husband's hand while driving. Tea on the back deck in the sunshine. That’s the kind of girl I am.

my name journey stories -

Lucia Belle .

Meaning Light and beautiful. We loved Lulu but wanted to have a formal option for later on in life. We call Lucia so many short names Lu, Louie or Lulu. Lulu is sweet, thoughtful, creative and kind true to her name.

Daisy Darling.

Meaning cheerful flower, embraces the sweetest elements of daylight. I intended to call her DeeDee for short but it didn’t stick. We call we Daisy mostly. Daisy sees the funny side to life, she is a bit wild, quirky and adventurous. She brings joy to all around her.

Fern Honey.

Meaning the plant. We call her Fernie for short. Turns out she is a lot like the plant. Fine and wispy but fiercely strong. I recently tried to remove some ferns from our back garden and they keep coming back. Fern is creative, musical, a baby whisperer, affectionate and feisty.

Rumi Sunday.

Meaning beauty flows & she was born on a Sunday. We call her Ru for short. Rumi is affectionate, dreamy, quiet, thoughtful and obsessed with animals.

names I loved and did not use -

Boy – Jones, Franco, Jimi, Jethro, Jonny, Mathi, Haro, Ed, Gus, Flinders, Orlando, Blue, Moe, Moses, Ranger, True, Brown, Jiro

Girl – Everly, Baya, Palmer, Fin, Mila, Hilli, Peaches, Blossom, Darla, Mayla, Sylvie, Cedar, Clover, Quincey, Petal, Joni, Hanna, Anais, Deia

Love the name game! Wish I had 10 more to name. But not really…

how I found the name nest -

While pregnant I would often scroll through the name nest for inspiration.

my advice for mothers who are on their own naming journey

Go with your gut and don’t ask advise from to many people. Don’t worry what other people think. When we named Rumi my mother in law (who is the sweetest lady) asked if Rumi’s name meant spacious, as in ‘this room is roomie’. Haha. I do wonder if the next gen are going to call their children names like Barbra, Greg, Barry or Carol.


to follow Emma's story and to find out more about her, you can find her on Instagram @emmahenderson @thebeachpeople

I hope you enjoyed reading Emma's name journey's and I can not wait to bring you more stories, from women around the world in this new journal series 'behind the name'.

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