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this listing is for 1x pair of self love moons. they are handmade and so each crystal and Pearl will be unique and one of a kind. Your earrings will be made by hand by artist Tara Sea in her studio on the Gold Coast, Australia. **please note these are a pre order item and will be shipped from Monday 11th October 2022***

constructed from gold plated hardware and each earring includes the following crystals to promote self love. To ensure lustre please do not wear in water or when swimming, avoid perfumes and makeup and place in a safe airtight container for storing to ensure plating will last.

Crystals used:

lapis lazuli - known as the ancient wisdom stone, it is a healing stone used to encourage self - awareness, self - confidence, self - knowledge, peace and harmony

Blue Aventurine - the colour of the sky, it helps to clear old, stagnant energies, helping you to open up to inner growth and spiritual work. It also strengthens communication abilities, helping you to speak out when required and being true to yourself

pearls - purifying inner-body energy, they are an amulet that can clean the negative energy accumulated inside you

self love moons

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