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Lindie ~ beneath a moon that glows so bright,

is a soul who fills your heart with delight,

for each and every time she speaks to you,

it is your soul that she speaks so warmly to,

for all the goodness that lives in this world,

Lindie came down from the stars to be your little girl,

to hold and to cherish all the days of her life,

like a free and gentle spirit she brings magic with her light

✨ original intuitive name meaning and artwork by Tara Sea ©, the name nest®.

This name is Spanish in origin and means ‘pretty and beautiful’.

Inspirational pairings: Lindie Paige ~ Lindie Love ~ Lindie Darling ~ Lindie Boh ~

Lindie Clementine ~ Lindie Pia ~ Lindie Rose

I hope to inspire you and that this name Lindie, is one you will love and cherish for a lifetime! #thenamenestl

Do you have a special Lindie, in your life? Tag them and share the love 🤎

Want to purchase this name an an artwork? It is available to buy from just $14.99 AUD (as an instant A4 download) or starting at just $28 AUD as a printed artwork on our website

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