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Isolde ~ surrounded by an aura as old as time,

from a land where tiny fairies danced in a line,

came the soul of a beauty so rare that she gleamed,

with the light of an angel she was all that you dreamed,

when the white flowers of spring first bloom in the woods,

and the dandelions take flight as dandelions should,

this is when the magic of Isolde is most alive,

as she captivates you as she dances, your daughter most divine

✨ original intuitive name meaning and artwork by Tara Sea ©, the name nest®.

This name is Celtic and Germanic in origin and means ‘one who is gazed at, the beautiful one’ and ‘ice, battle’. Isolde is best known as the tragic mistress of Tristan in Celtic folklore, the story of “Tristan and Isolde”.

Inspirational pairings: Isolde Belle ~ Isolde Maeve ~ Isolde Bridgette ~ Isolde Dune ~ Isolde Sunny ~ Isolde Faith

I hope to inspire you and that this name Isolde, is one you will love and cherish for a lifetime! #thenamenesti

Do you have a special Isolde, in your life? Tag them and share the love 🤎

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