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Clover ~ among the fields of clover this gentle spirit plays,

singing soft tunes of summer under blue skies and country haze,

your little Clover so unique to behold,

they have a wonderfully kind heart, made of pure gold

✨ original intuitive name meaning and artwork by Tara Sea ©, the name nest®.

This name is Germanic in origin and is from the little clover plant that is a symbol of good luck.

Inspirational pairings: Clover Neve ~ Clover June ~ Clover Indi ~ Clover Prairie ~ Clover Moon

~ Clover Hali ~ Clover Mabel

I hope to inspire you and that this name Clover, is one you will love and cherish for a lifetime! #thenamenestc

Do you have a special Clover, in your life? Tag them and share the love 🤎

Want to purchase this name an an artwork? It is available to buy from just $14.99 AUD (as an instant A4 download) or starting at just $28 AUD as a printed artwork on our website

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