Tattoo Pass - this pass means that you can get one of my existing artworks as a tattoo


Tattoo artists require written approval before tattooing an artist's work to avoid copyright issues. This listing is a way to obtain my approval for a tattoo, as well as letting me know you love and support my magic.


Please write the name of the artwork in the notes of the order you wish to have tattooed. One .pdf pass will be sent to your email, there is no shipping on this item.


*please note that some artworks I have featured may be commission artworks or artworks that are for personal use and may not be available. all artworks under the section 'artworks' or any of the 'featured name artworks' will be available.


Please note: You are purchasing a non-exclusive Tattoo License of 1 specified artwork for 1 personal tattoo. Any other reproduction or use of the image will be a violation of copyright law.


Please contact me via if you have any questions.



Terms and conditions of sale:


By purchasing any artworks via the name nest shop you are agreeing to the following:

1. All art is not permitted for resale. It is to be used for personal use only

2. If this artwork is shared via social media it must be tagged to the following account @thenamenest

3. All art must strictly not be edited, copied or duplicated in any way from its original file

Tattoo pass


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