siren - mother of the sea


she was created under the light of the moon, emerging from the waters and holding her baby close. she changes as the light around her changes, little details emerging and appearing. 


I painted this special artwork on the night of the 8th of August 2020. She is the only artwork created on this day and the image that emerged of the siren holding her baby came from the patterns in the strokes of the background paint. She was waiting to be painted, she is was intentional, she was intuitively painted and sacred. she is the siren.


Original acrylic painting on stretched artist canvas 24cm x 30cm 


Each original artwork comes dated and signed on the back, has a small signature on the front by myself the artist, Tara Sea and comes with a certificate of authenticity. She will be lovingly wrapped with care and will arrive in a box. Please note that this artwork will also be sold as a limited edition printed artwork in very small quantities, however this is the original and there will only ever be one!

siren - mother of the sea - original artwork


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