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Olivia ~ as the first tiny rays of golden light, danced down from the heavens above, that was the day the angels sent down to earth, one of their most beloved souls to love, her name was Olivia and she had rosy cheeks, that would be with her as she grew, tiny sparkles in her eyes that held kindness and truth, as she was a soul you felt you already knew, she would grow to touch hearts all over the world, with her light and warmth that she held inside, and the most beautiful part about dear Olivia, is that she was so humble and pure inside. ‘born for greatness, forever a gentle and kind heart that fame and fortune would never change. a true-life angel’ ✨ original intuitive name meaning and artwork by Tara Sea ©, the name nest®. This name is Latin in origin and means ‘olive tree’ which was often seen as a sign of peace.


This listing is for the 'Olivia' name printed artwork with intuitive name meaning. These artworks are printed in my studio, using a professional printer and archival pigment inks. They are resistent to fading for 100+ years, making them a truly special keepsake! Please allow 3-5 business days from purchase to order being posted to you.


printed sizes available:


A5 printing service: artwork printed onto A5 linen card (14.8cm x 21cm)

A4 printing service: artwork printed onto A4 linen card (21cm x 29.7cm)

A3 printing service: artwork printed onto A3 matte card (29.7cm x 42cm)

Framed artwork service: A4 printed artwork, framed in our Oak look frames with high quality perspex


**please note that the preview of this artwork has a watermark 'the name nest' which will not appear on the actual artwork**


Terms and conditions of sale: By purchasing any artworks via the name nest shop you are agreeing to the following:

1. All art is not permitted for resale. It is to be used for personal use only

2. If this artwork is shared via social media it must be tagged to the following account @thenamenest

3. All art must strictly not be edited, copied or duplicated in any way from its original



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