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every baby born has a little birth details card - this one was designed to be a keepsake, something beautiful to record all the first details of your baby, to look back on in years to come and to place into your keepsake boxes.


Replace your generic hospital birth details card with this beatifully designed baby birth card. Made to be a postcard size (as close to the standard hospital issued size) and printed onto linen card, record all of your baby's first details and display proudly on their crib. You can then take it home with you and place inside your baby book or keepsake box. You can even purchase these for babies already born and transfer all of their details onto these keepsake cards!


Each listing is for 1x card and you will have the option your cards to read 'our baby boy', 'our baby girl', as well as peach or brown skin colour. If you are purchasing for twins or multiples, or would like to have some spares for future babies, it would be best to order 2 or more so that you have a few extras.


Each card is 14cm x 10.5cm in size printed onto matte linen card.

our baby birth card


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